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Even so, that doesn’t mean there’s no money on Wifi. That’s a huge advantage because, even if the e CPM of the offer seems much lower, Another advantage is that there’s almost no competition for Wifi traffic, so you won’t need to fight a losing battle to get volume for a reasonable price (moreover, most of the remnant traffic found on ad networks is Wifi).

It means you gotta bid high in order to get a good volume.

It enters an increasingly crowded market – it’s the second new addition in about as many months - but how does it compare to the competition and is there enough there to convince people to switch?

The big part is there are no contracts for users to sign up to.

The disadvantages are also quite clear: you usually have to pay your mobile operator extra in order to use this service. Secondly, Wifi is more prone to attacks from hackers, especially because they can access your data in public spaces. First, the connection Secondly, if you use public spots, you won’t have to worry about spending money.

Moreover, carrier connection is normally slower than Wi-fi, so it would be Even so, it’s widely used for logging on social networks, checking your mails, GPS and searching. As a media buyer, you need to understand that Wifi and 3G traffic convert in a different way.

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