Am i dating the right girl quiz

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After all, why should you have to choose between your friends and your significant other when you can have both?You want to be with someone who is the first person you go to whenever anything exciting or cool happens, because you know that they will be just as excited as you.Favorite activities: A-list restaurants, movie premieres, club openings.You have always wanted to marry your best friend, which just makes sense.

Is she the girl that you want to devote all of your attention to...maybe forever?Favorite activities: doing karaoke in Tokyo, taking a cruise to Antarctica, dancing until dawn in Goa.You have big dreams, and you know that it will take a lot of work and discipline in order to reach them.To you, life is incomplete without a large circle of friends.In your ideal world, you and your boo would have a pretty full calendar of dinners, parties, and events, surrounding yourself in interesting and quirky and people and never hesitating to make some new friends.

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