Amperstand not validating javascript w3c Dating dk members

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300 per page x 1 million pages a day (at least) = a lot.But like the point Mike made on his site the other day, it doesn’t matter whether they are encoded or not.As long as the pages are being served as text/html and not application/xhtml xml, does it really matter that they are not encoded (from the standpoint of working, not validating)?The PHP/server-side solution is feasible but the Java Script version would do no good as far as the validator is concerned.

If you’re updating a site, say adding a widget to the homepage and your addition isn’t displaying correctly so you go to the validator.

In the case of ESPN (and countless other sites), it is an ad server. You can’t be missing the point so you must be ignoring it.

CMS and WYSIWYG software already exists that is capable of properly encoding these entities.

Also Mike is there any way you could using some server side scripting on your side to encode the ampersand’s that come from the ad server making it output valid code?

Although your 356 errors is a lot it’s not bad at all compared to the newspaper industry.

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