Bisexual dating sim games

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(I think that time it was Professor Snape and Legolas in an unholy union.) Even then, I had no shame and no regrets and happily spent hours in my queer playground.This wholehearted, T-rated excursion was so necessary for me.The more Kanji was jeered at by his Shadow Self, made into a joke by the game itself, or asked by one of his friends if they were safe alone with him, the more I felt kinship with him.I wanted to protect him the same way I’d want to protect myself as a confused, queer teen.I saw signs in defense of traditional marriage everywhere.I was in high school and learning how to own my identity instead of just feeling guilty about the way I felt around girls.

For me, as a bisexual teenager, I sought out books and movies and TV shows that highlighted queerness—even when they were stereotypes played for laughs, dehumanizing in their tragedy, or when I didn’t relate to them at all.

I don’t think there was a heterosexual in the bunch.

I think the Sims outed me to some of my family, actually: two of my male cousins booted up the game and had to ask, eyes averted, why the dudes were making out with each other.

By no means are these the “best” examples in terms of positivity or non-toxic content, nor is the list comprehensive in terms of LGBTQ games.

These are the games that resonated with me, often messy or complex—or just subtext.

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