Bryan greenberg who is he dating

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You won’t have to wait until tomorrow to see Emily Ting’s debut feature, because this Hong Kong-set romance opens this weekend, at the Village East Cinema on 12th Street and Second Avenue in NYC and around the country.

“Ruby (Jamie Chung), a Chinese American toy designer from L.

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung are the stars of the new movie "Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong" and they aren’t just romantic on screen, they got married in real life last Halloween.

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"You learn a lot about your companion and your partner that way," Chung explained. I think we both love him more than we love each other!

Greenberg and Chung speak to TODAY’s Al Roker, Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, and Natalie Morales about the film and what it was like working together.

where he takes Uma Thurman to a house party and it didn't turn me off when he was dancing which..know...that's hard to do.

But the beautiful tonight, playing a woman named Channing who's tasked with protecting a little girl with special powers. The advice that we were given from a lot of our friends was to enjoy this time. We met multiple times but it was never the right time until we finally clicked.

And most exciting of all, late in 2013, she became engaged to longtime love Bryan Greenberg, 35, (). We decided there's no rush, and we have so many of our friends getting married this year. Your Tango: What's the key to keeping your relationship strong and happy?

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