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Not a big deal now, but almost miraculous back in the mid-90s when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

-- Indigo 1.138 (talk) , 15 January 2011 (UTC) i am less convinced about the quote "one of the first 500 sites on the web", so have removed it.

The only links that work are Home, What's New and Overview; all other sublinks do not.

(sitelab) this also, of course, depends on how you define chat room.You can still access but the links to the message boards or chats are no longer valid.If you click on a board or chat you will be directed to a "Not Found" or equivalent error page rather than the "sorry try again later" message.Many Bianca fans log into the Smut Shack several times daily to touch base with their buddies in one of several rooms (bathroom, kitchen, parlor, bedroom, etc.), moving from room to room via the graphical WWW interface.An underlying reason for Bianca Smut Shack's ability to sustain meaningful conversation is that in order to get a handle, that is, a unique user name within Bianca's universe, you need to provide proof that you are over 18 years of age.

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