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It’s tempting to take a huge leap in one day, but you’ll go further by taking small steps.

Move from a little drop to a big one gradually, and you’ll be less likely to get injured in the move.

Scary footage, filmed on a helmet camera, shows the animal running up to the rider as he pedals past through woodland in Malino Brdo, Slovakia.

After apparently pursuing him for a few moments, the bear turns round and slopes back into the trees.

Since 2001, professional coach Candace Shadley and her Trek Dirt Series team have taught more than 10,000 riders—both men and women—to become better mountain bikers.

You go where you look, so look where you want to go,” says Shadley.

And don’t just look with your eyes—your head, torso, hips and knees should all point where you’re headed. Having someone assess your riding and give advice specific to your needs will go miles toward making you a better rider.

Shift your weight forward while climbing to keep the front wheel tracking.

Shift your weight back while descending to keep your bike balanced and to keep from being pitched over the handlebars.

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