Dating and atheist

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I feel confused, especially since he always asks how sex could be a sin if we both love each other and aren't hurting anyone.What's worse is that though I know that it's a sin, I still feel tempted to do it again.I would consider myself very devout also, due to the fact that I have attended Catholic schools all my life and go to Church every Sunday.But I just started college this year and fell in love with an atheist man.When it comes to religion and romance, what appears to be important statistically is that both partners have approximately the same “level” of religiosity.When religious people marry religious people, or when irreligious people marry irreligious people, they tend to do better in terms of happiness and relational longevity than when an irreligious person marries a religious one. Still, one thing I think you should perhaps consider is that if the Christian girl you’re thinking about accepts the Christian scriptures, she will be instructed by them to avoid marrying you for that all-important thing you don’t have in common (see 1 Corinthians 7).He said that before marriage, he wanted to be sure that the marriage would work (he would be able to tell through this solid triangle).And when I told him that I might not be able to have sex with him again, I asked if he would stay with me.

I don't regret that I had sex with him because I do love him, but I do feel bad that I have sinned (that I regret).

I love this man so much, and I really don't want our relationship to end.

I've been up at nights and crying because I worry over it. Kids ask you if there's an afterlife, why do we have to go to Mass when daddy doesn't?

I want to do it again, but I don't want to sin. But the worse part of this problem is what he said.

He said that in a relationship, he believes in The Triangular Theory of Love, which states that a solid romantic relationship must have intimacy, passion, and commitment. I told him that I understand his belief in this, but I don't understand why he needs this to be fulfilled before marriage.

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