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These policies would require the government’s commitment to reforms that promote competition in key sectors, secure property rights, lessen regulatory complexities, and improve doing business in the country.

Longer-term policy priorities also include training and job search programs and other measures to support workers most affected by sectoral shifts in employment and share the dividends of growth and gains from globalization more widely.

However, the characteristics of financial globalization differ from what was originally expected. Although the literature predicted large gains from financial globalization (such as additional funding, broad diversification, and deeper financial systems), the positive effects have been more limited.

In this context, what economic and political economy conditions will enable Morocco to improve growth significantly and sustainably, with a view to creating quality jobs for the greatest number of people and converging more rapidly, over the course of a single generation, toward income and wealth levels in the most advanced countries?This is the question that Morocco 2040: emerging by investing in intangible capital seeks to answer, by beginning with an assessment of Morocco’s recent economic performance and its prospects for 2040, and then outlining the economic reforms that can facilitate the achievement of an ambitious, albeit realistic, scenario to double Morocco’s current rate of convergence with Southern European countries.See Less - Morocco 2040 : emerging by investing in intangible capital (French) Morocco has made undeniable progress over the past fifteen years not only in the economic and social spheres, but also in the areas of personal freedoms and civil and political rights.See Less - Pension funds and the impact of switching regulation on long-term investment (English) This paper looks at the impact of members' ability to switch pension fund provider and /or portfolio on the allocation of pension funds to long-term investments.The level of annual turnover in pension fund portfolios was compared with the amount of short-term investments (using government treasury bills and bank deposits as proxy).

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