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Betsy turned up on the wrong day for an audition at Billy Rose’s Diamond Horseshoe club.

Gene was re-arranging chairs and she thought he was a ‘busboy’.

If I’d been at a university or trekking the ancient Silk Route from China, I don’t think I could have learned more…With Gene to guide me, I was ready to absorb everything…I would joke about going to ‘Kelly university’, but it wasn’t a joke, it was the truth. Ask them what made their first year the hardest, and they’ll eye you blankly. “If I’d married anyone else, there’d be a million things. Gene taught me one dish at a time...we'd eat chicken every night until I could cook it well..favourite food is baked ham and beans.

His modesty comes to a halt on the subject of Betsy, of whom he is extremely proud.

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I wanted Gene to like me, to like my work."“These two ‘big brothers’ were wildly exciting to me.It gives an excellent insight into Gene's early years in New York and Hollywood, especially of that time in the forties and early fifties when so much wonderfully creative work was done by so many hugely talented individuals.It also reveals the heartache and d of how they met is well known, and has various versions.Looking back now, I can see that I was a guy hell-bent on getting himself married."Betsy moved into a hotel, sharing a room with June Allyson and two other dancers.Her daytime ‘education’ continued, but now the nights became important.

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