Harvard university dating club

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On Campus: Dating, Hook-Ups, and Frustrations In addition to this stasis that Eastwick mentions, some posit that Harvard students especially tend not to prioritize dating.“It’s hard to actually meet people, especially in a community like Harvard, where everyone is so busy and no one stops to get to know each other,” says Jake, a gay freshman from California who has used Ok Cupid.If you were single in the 90s, you were cool, and you probably didn’t use the Internet or online date.” Additionally, there exists an expectation that finding a significant other should be relatively easy in a college environment, where one is constantly surrounded by one’s peers.“Online dating here has become a sign of desperation.“Here at Harvard I have had no experience offline dating,” says Linda Trujano ’15.Despite the wind and chill of a brutal winter day, Trujano radiates an easygoing warmth, with her wavy, highlighted hair perfectly coiffed, cheeks bright pink from the cold.

Since joining the online dating site, Trujano has gone on multiple dates with students from MIT and Harvard’s graduate schools, much to the envy of her friends and, it would appear, Harvard at large.

And the phenomenon is no longer limited to older adults: Over the past few years, websites such as Date My School and Ivy Date emerged as online dating sites specifically for college students.

“Date My School is responsible for over 50 percent of the dates that happen at Columbia and NYU.

Jake was granted anonymity by The Crimson because he wanted to keep his sexual orientation private.

“We just seem to not have time to go out to the North End, or go to a nice restaurant, or take a walk through the park,” says Hughes, echoing Jake’s sentiment.

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