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This was shot out the window of the Land Cruiser on a game drive with my phone, the One Plus 5. “A juvenile sea lion (Zalophus californianus) plays with a sea star near Los Lobos, La Paz, Mexico.

“You can create stories in photography without using words,” Omar notes, of the connection between his past and present pursuits.

You can convert between miles per hour, meters per second and kilomoters per hour.

I’ve teamed up with some of our favorite Bloggers and Youtubers to give one lucky follower a brand new i Phone 8, Kate Spade i Phone 8 Case, 2 Instax Mini 9 Cameras, 2 packs of instax Film, a instax Case, instax Photo album, Too Faced Make Up, and a Sony Handy Cam! Before he worked as a photographer, Omar studied mime in Europe under French actor Marcel Marceau.

I start celebrating ANNIVERSARIES one year from the date of commencing what ever the event is. It reminds me of high school, it is suffocating, and a bit creepy. Hell she'd sometimes even email me from work in between just to say hi.

But, I am kinda getting the feeling that she has begun to feel differently.

Whatever dates you and your girl want to celebrate is up to you two, nobody else. But for costs sake, you might want to keep it somewhat limited.Is there something wrong with the calculation The Ultimate Relationship Calculator? Find out if you are at high risk of being a poor sucker by spending too much or if you are getting ripped off by your less attractive partner who should really be spending more on you.Formula fetched from the book Poor Sucker Syndrome by Mitch Vandell. REPEAT steps 1-3 on every account until you come back to me & COMMENT below something that makes you happy! This ends TOMORROW NIGHT at 11PM EST - All entries previous accounts who entered are archived and Calculated. “Instead they are turning it into the right position for easier digestion. #Repost @nickdjohanson Photograph by Nick Johanson - 塞倫蓋蒂,坦尚尼亞 樹會感到孤單嗎? - What an amazing place this is. Many times, it appears that a sea lion is playing with its food before it consumes it; they really aren’t,” writes Your Shot photographer Pedro Carrillo.

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