Is dating a single mother bad Free no account webcam

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I try to shrug it off and focus on the relationships I already have.

I am a fabulous person with a great kid and anyone who assumes less of us is missing out!

Personally, I married my first boyfriend with whom I first had sex with.

People who assume that I am a single mom because I sleep around really frustrate and anger me.

I am not going to let other people diminish my hard work.

Nobody has the right to judge me or treat my daughter differently simply because I am a single mom.

My friends joke around with me about the fact that they are proud I am in school and not stripping.

Apparently, there is an assumption that typically single moms strip to support their children.

I find single moms are seen in a negative light raising a Marissa Hicks I adore my daughter and love being a mother.However, no matter how hard I work to improve my life I still have to deal with the social stigma associated with being a single mom.That is another assumption I hear; that I am looking for someone to be my daughter’s father and to support me. My daughter has strong support from me, and from my brother and father is with her every time she needs.Any relationship I choose to be in will be obvious that I am quite capable of supporting myself and I am simply in the relationship because I enjoy my partner’s company.

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