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She's outrageously self-aware and ridiculously good at what she does.We asked her to tell us about the life and and day-to-day of a small stripper. Mostly by way of the burlesque scene and partially by way of a many-years-long desire to be a stripper.The girls want to talk about your show and costume and the guys want to talk about your music choices and how they want to fuck "someone like you." Surprise... And I don't think it's all necessarily like 'Holy shit a midget' so much as it's also often 'Whoa, I didn't think she was going to come out with a full costume and routine.' People expect one thing, which is probably that I'm just going to not do too much and then they get a full, well-thought-out show with choreography, props, and all the trimmings.Almost never, and I think that has a lot to do with the standard I set for myself very early on when I entered the club industry as a feature dancer.I've always held myself to the same standard as all the other features.So I think establishing early on that I was to be taken as seriously as the rest and that I wasn't riding only on being short in turn led people to exploit me much less than I ever thought. I know that, yes, I There was a time a booking tried to exploit my size, telling me on the phone before the booking about all these plans they had for my show with people carrying me, wanting me to play a little-girl part. I will never take a booking when I know they just want me to be the token midget, like dressing up as a leprechaun.

I make a similar amount of money, get a similar amount of lap dances and merchandise sales.

I went up to the producer that night after that show, and two months later found myself performing in my first burlesque show.

I did burlesque consistently from 2007 on, and always with the desire for more.

I have featured for almost five years now in clubs and have since retired from the traditional burlesque scene to focus solely on my club shows. I would say my crowd that really gets into my shows, and the people who buy lap dances, are younger people in their 20s, both men and women and then older rocker/biker couples.

I do seem to have very female-heavy audiences and fans as well, which is really fun for me.

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