Non java bisexual chat

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This scenario is illustrated by a Java-based chat client participating in the chat example above. It will be based on the corresponding release of the Java SE platform. The Java community is best served by one standard API for using Web Socket in an application. We hope to deliver the final specification, reference implementation, and TCK in the Q1 of 2013.

This JSR will explore a separable client-API for Web Socket that will run standalone on Java SE (specifically including API support for initiating Web Socket communication) as part of its first release, or may defer this to a later release. Though Web Socket applications could be created by low level I/O APIs in Java SE, this approach is cumbersome and difficult. A rough schedule would be: The primary means of communication will be email, with conference calls and face-to-face meetings scheduled as needed.

- Have you spoken at conferences and events about the JSR recently?

No - Are you using open-source processes for the development of the RI and/or the TCK? - What are the Terms of Use required to use the collaboration tools you have prepared to use with the Expert Group, so that prospective EG members can judge whether they are compatible with the JSPA?

Yes, it will point to the project page for the JSR.

The RI will be delivered standalone and possibly bundled with some future release of Glassfish.

A private alias will be used only for EG administrative matters, as needed.

JCP version in use: 2.8 Java Specification Participation Agreement version in use: 2.0 Description: The Java API for Web Socket JSR will define a standard API for creating Web Socket applications.

Expert Group Transparency: Public Communications Issue Tracking This JSR will define a standard API for creating Web Socket applications.

The TCK will be delivered both standalone and as part of a suitable future release of the Java EE TCK. N/A that this information has been updated since this original proposal.

Specification license Reference Implementation license TCK license The Expert Group will conduct business on [email protected] mailing list which is publicly readable.

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