Ok cupid and dating

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It offers options other sites dont like narrowing down your search criteria to specific groups and types as well as giving a person the freedom to choose between a variety of sexual orientations and preferences.

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Id only mention my daughter if i was interested after conversating for a bit. But religiously he was more extreme than me and it didnt work out after 2 dates he ended it, we became freinds on facebook though. He suddenly stopped talking to me without an explanation. We were engaged after 6 months together and a year and 8 months after we first met, we are married and planning another child.After getting an additional 200 "likes" within two weeks of changing my profile picture so guys would know what I look like from the front, I concluded that the assessment questions were also irrelevant for a lot of users.I did go on dates with 7 different men from OKCupid, but didn't find Mr. He uses his daughter as and excuse not to spend time together so he can dates multiple women. Clams he doesn't get your calls or text until the weekend is over.Had never had one infraction, its one strike your out to the folks at OKC.Would rather be single to share the sentiments of many.

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