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Tell them that the man's sperm joins the woman's egg and then the baby begins to grow.Most kids under the age of 6 will accept this answer.And if the object of his attention happens to have a fake ID—as teenagers pretending to be older than they are sometimes do, especially when they go to bars or clubs—that is no defense.As Granville, Ohio, attorney Drew Mc Farland notes, the bill imposes a "strict liability" sta ndard, meaning that "even an honest mistake is unforgiven." Mc Farland, who drew my attention to this bill, suggests one such scenario: A mature 17-year-old is lawfully in a liquor-serving establishment and meets a 22-year-old who suggests they go back to his or her place for some sexual fun.Nor should parents feel this is or will lead to promiscuous behavior.Often, the presence of a parent is enough to interrupt the play.There is no need to explain the act of lovemaking because very young kids will not understand the concept.However, you can say that when a man and a woman love each other, they like to be close to one another.

Others may want to acknowledge that, while they know it feels good to explore, it is a private matter and not OK to do in public.By the time a child is 3 years old, parents may choose to use the correct anatomical words.They may sound medical, but there is no reason why the proper label shouldn't be used when the child is capable of saying it. — should be stated matter-of-factly, with no implied silliness.You may wish to direct your child's attention to another activity without making a lot of fuss. Explain that although you understand the interest in his or her friend's body, people are generally expected to keep their bodies covered in public.This way you have set limits without having made your child feel guilty.

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