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As Cinna giggles and attempts to ignore the chaos going on behind her, he then continues to show off his moves and puts his top over his head.

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Hilarious video footage has emerged of a son crashing his mothers live performance with erratic dance moves.Recently, Katie and I went out to dinner in the West Village.The restaurant was crowded and humming with the auditory heartbeat of a Friday night in New York.Maybe she deleted the app—or maybe, in a karmic twist that was almost too perfect, I'd just been I thought about how easy it is to pop out of an i Phone and back into the real world, to flicker back and forth from 2D to 3D and back again. I wondered if nowadays, with an endless stream of people to be right-swiped into your life, you would notice the guy on the yearbook staff who drives you to a meeting on a snowy day—or would you be in the passenger seat, swiping through pictures of thirsty dudes you don't even know?I wondered who you might miss seeing if you were always looking.

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