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I don't think that many women really understand the power of making a man feel really sexually accepted and appreciated and that you just love giving him pleasure.

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You need to be very emotionally healthy and not let yourself be too sensitive about it, because it's actually very hard, much harder than what guys can imagine.

I'll have fantasies about things like I'll let him do it in public places or not going to the toilet and always using my mouth when we're together. I don't think it's degrading if you ask for it and it's something you offer and actually want.

And, yes, I asked for it and it was my idea with my last BF.

But I mean, if you have access to that kind of powerful sexual feelings, show it, because it can really blow a guy's mind as it's not something they get to experience that often.

Sure, there are lots who enjoy playing sluts, but it's more like a pretense and not the real thing, since most females spend most of their time trying to protect themselves from being sexually hurt or used.

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