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Robert Strickland: I think it's time you left, Stephen.

It's quite another to make us all complicit in the destruction of evidence in a murder investigation. Robert Strickland: The evidence will stay here, pending a conversation I'm going to have with the Commissioner. Stephen Fisher: I can tell you, if you're interested. I know you'd like us all to think that your power extends that far. The power of the British Government, brandishing the Official Secrets Act - to which you are all subject. Stephen Fisher: Abigail Padua was my mother's great grandmother. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: The jogger. There's no way that figure's clear enough to identify, anyway. Gerry Standing: Guv'nor, can I just point out something? Max Clement: Absolutely, and you built it from the ground up. Shepherding a bunch of miscreant pensioners through some old case files, just so the Met could say they were doing *something* about cold cases, but you picked the right people. Which is why I think you should come and work on *my* team. And we're all big enough and ugly enough to cope. Gerry Standing: Yeah, well, just one thing: when you walk out of here, just don't look back. Jack Halford: You going to sit there moping all day? Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: I'll be right there, Jack. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: Well, I don't lie awake at night thinking about it, if that's what you mean. But you have to remember that at the time no-one was listening to me because I was too junior. If we can identify any of the people in the picture, they could prove to be valuable witnesses. DAC Robert Strickland: And this is not a green light to pursue it now! Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: What are you saying, Max? Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: No, I didn't say that; you said that. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: I've been at UCOS for ten years. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: It's valuable work. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: With a *great* team. But, uh, these past few years, well, I finally felt that I've achieved something. Naw, you belong out there where there's more exciting stuff to be done. [he exits her office] Gerry Standing: Here, come, she's going to meet us there. Steve Mc Andrew: Oh, yeah, Brian was telling us: they're, they're tiny little insects, right? You're right; I've been working with Brian for too long, [first lines] Gerry Standing: ... Sandra Pullman: Electricity bills, bank statements, letters, all belonging to different people, and all recovered in a raid on a lock-up.

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