Reliance sex chat

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According to News Laundry, Reliance Jio spokesperson claimed that Jio Chat app encrypts all the messages and its servers are located in India and owned by Reliance.

On the use of Chinese mapping service, Jio reportedly said that “since the app is planned as a global app and China does not support Google Maps, it includes use of Chinese map service only when the user is in China.

The Jio Chat app offers video calling, equivalent to what Skype features.

The app also claims that the Jio allows you to start a video conference with three to four users.

Additional channels: The Jio Chat also offers latest news updates from channels like Mumbai Indians Channel, HTC, Paytym. Take me to the source code You don’t need expensive infrastructure or the domain knowledge in telecom to build your own communications tools.Plivo makes it easier for you to build your own Voice and SMS app with a simple REST API.When on a voice chat, you an also switch to video calling, without disconnecting.Sharing of files, other than just photos, video and audio, seems to be included.

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