Reno nv dating

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There are definitely locals who enjoy the food and shows at the casinos Reno is known for, but most of us prefer to leave the gambling to those guys from the Bay area, and go enjoy the rest of Reno. Bring some cold, juicy watermelon to enjoy while you dangle your feet in the water at the Riverwalk, or jump in and have a splash war before heading out to an air-conditioned lunch.

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Coming from a place where there are great outdoor adventuring options year-round, Reno natives are not the sort to just sit around on the couch.

Saddle up your sorrel, or head out to Rancho Red Rock, where they'll rent you a gentle steed.

You'll ride over gently rolling hills through fragrant sage, while the steady hoof-beats soothe your stress.

Many Reno residents have a working knowledge of motorcycles, giving them just a hint of that fun bad boy/girl vibe.

Coming from one of the driest places in America, they’re kind of amazed when it pours, kind of like when an inside cat sees snow out the window for the first time.

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