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Using the search function above, the websites of single-sex institutions shows that the websites themselves rarely use a term for that aspect of their student body - either there's no explicit mention of the school being all-boys outside of admission qualifications, or terms like "Educating Young Men since..." etc are used.

Therefore, having sex on the day of ovulation should increase the chances of conceiving a boy.

Dr Landrum Shettles developed this theory in the US in the 1960s.

It’s complemented by the Billings Method, which is about timing sex around the consistency of vaginal mucus (when it’s thin and clear for boys, thicker and stickier for girls).

Even a couple of decades ago there were very few "mainstream" single-sex schools left - by the present day, if you say your daughter goes to a girls' school people are likely to make assumptions (you went to some trouble to get her into a single-sex school, either for cultural / religious reasons or some "indirectly academic" reason such as local girls' grammar school).

The only form of grammar school education available in the town where we live, both twenty years ago and now, is single-sex.

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