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Kelly’s mom doesn’t want to be an active senior – she wants to sit at home and eat bonbons and sulkily yells at Kelly to leave her alone. Meghan thought she wanted candles; but then she wanted a baby; then she got a baby and realized she really wants a nanny and Jimmy, not candles or motherhood.

In front of the director, the world’s most mature forever young person, Kelly gets in an argument with Bobbi about who nags and micromanages whom. And where in the world is Jimmy Dad Jeans, who pays for the full-time nanny so Meghan stay home to complain that sniffing candles is too much work for mommies.

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Tamra dishes on koffee with Kelly and encourages Shannon to meet with her.Meanwhile Shannon is sitting at home waiting for an apology while practicing her plate toss. I just know that when you bond over loose bladders and that time you got so pissed at said soulhate you peed your WHITE pants, you’re probably better as frienemies than enemies.That’s Tamra’s plan – to have Kelly’s redemption tour spiral into an apology to Shannon, ostracizing Vicki in the process. Which is kind of like peeing your pants on your frienemy’s bed during her bachelorette trip, right? there’s just entirely too much prissiness going on at RHOC.Tamra vows to help keep Shannon in line around Kelly and in exchange Shannon will hold Tamra down when Vicki makes her “see red.” Naively they both think nothing bad could possibly happen at a baby event. Jim has tried to tell her; now Peggy, but Meghan just will not get off her Meghan Home scented soapbox. Back at the Lambo event, as illustrated by her turtleneck, Meghan cannot help but stick her neck into Vicki and Shannon’s problems, and she came prepared with a heartwarming lecture about the spiritual release of pure apologies. I don’t think Peggy was right to literally grab Meghan’s lips, cause holy boundaries batman, and maybe Vicki was telepathically communicating with Peggy to shut Meghan up, but sometimes Meghan does need to bite on her tongue, and save the beeswax for her candles.

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