Sidney crosby dating mario lemieux daughter

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But then, you travel so much you end up seeing your teammates a lot.

So it's good to be in a setting with a positive atmosphere. You go to school with them or watch movies with them and stuff like that. When the guys have free time, they spend it with their families.

January 1: With a few seconds remaining in the second period of the Winter Classic and the Capitals up 2-1, Washington’s David Steckel collides with the back of Crosby’s head in the Penguins’ offensive zone.

Above all, consider it a story of the fragility of talent and health in professional sports, and the difficulty in trying to make sense of it all.

I didn't want to turn into my neighbourhood because I didn't want him to know where I live. It was a pretty fun ride toward the end of the season. I was just happy to have a good year and be part of that group of rookies.

RD: You scored 102 points last season becoming the youngest player in league history to notch 100 points in a season and breaking the Penguins' rookie assist record set by the legendary Mario Lemieux. SC: He congratulated me but we didn't discuss it too much.

But you know what kind of life I would have liked outside of racing? Randi Druzin: Once he recovers from a dislocated shoulder, Russian Evgeni Malkin [the second overall selection in the 2004 draft] will be joining the Penguins on the ice.

PC: You know a lot of them really like racing and a lot of us really like rock and roll music. One time at Homestead, I posed for photographs with Lenny Kravitz. Correspondent Randi Druzin recently spoke to the 19-year-old athlete about his teammates, his superstitions and the women who want to marry him.

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