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To bring the calendar back, just click its name in the list again.

Her older sister Nicole was BFF’s with Paris Hilton who’s once employed Kim Kardashian as her personal assistant.Move your selection by clicking any date outside the selection box; click one of the default views in the upper right to clear the selection. When you've saved and returned to your calendar, you'll see only Monday-Friday for the current week displayed.This view may give you a better idea of what you have going on at work, with less clutter to distract you. M., and if you are, it's likely due more to insomnia than any scheduled event. M., Google Calendar can hide those hours–or any range of time you like–highlighting instead the hours when you've actually got something to do.Even though it appears to just be a basic calendar app at first glance, Google Calendar has the features you need to manage almost any calendar needs.In this article, you'll find 30 tips and tricks to customize the app and make it work for your needs.

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