Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 sony ericsson

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I tried it out later, though, and it was working just fine - odd.

The overall speed with the C902 is unfortunately also a tad slower than in other phones based on the same software platform.

It is by no means as bad as it was with the first K850 software revisions, but nonetheless its an annoyance factor, and hopefully it can be fixed.

The interface is visually impressive, and can portrait whatever you may desire, although the limited screen size on C902 makes it a little less joyful. Youd think thered be a bit for everyone, but theyre generally quite dark with the exception of one rather boring theme.

While C902 does pack a decent feature set, the most impressive thing about it is undoubtedly its build quality and feel.

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sony ericsson problems updating my c902 sony ericsson-63

The first one is the default layout, and is probably also the one most users are accustomed to.

The battery is a standard 930 m Ah BST-38 (Li-Polymer).

Official battery statements are really good - 400 hours (350 hours on 3G networks) of standby time, or 9 (3 on 3G networks) hours of talk time.

The C902 box is very much alike the K800/K810/K850 ones. Apart from the phone itself and its battery, also included is a charger, USB cable, a standard stereo headset, leather wrist strap, USB M2 card reader (CCR-70, as shown below), software CD and a the usual user guides, etc.

All in all it seems like a rather nice collection of bundled accessories.

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