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, if you haven't spent as much developing your technique, playful banter can, instead of being a lot of fun, end up being downright headache-inducing.Pop the aspirin and break out the Alka-Seltzer -- you'll need it (or maybe she will).“When I first started dating my now husband he use to always chew spearmint gum.Even now whenever I smell that scent it gives me goose bumps and reminds me of when we first met.” Singles’ night One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - so while you might think your mate Dave is totally unfanciable, he might be exactly the type of guy one of your girlfriends is looking for. Choose a pub or cafe where you can section off an area.Our dating events work and we genuinely believe in there's no easier, more fun way to meet people.We've been around since speed dating first came about and we're proud to still be running successful events today.

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“Three in four women wouldn’t give a man a second chance if they didn’t like his smell.” she says.

You might be surprised at the amount of single men that turn up - and if nothing else, you might make some new friends in the process.

Join a new club It’s one of the most obvious pieces of advice, but don’t forget January is a new term and the ideal time to join a new class or activity.

So why not widen your social-circle by joining something that you are genuinely interested in, such as dance, cookery, language or music lessons?

Clubs usually meet for social drinks too, which is the ideal way to make friends with likeminded people.

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