Tamagotchi dating cheat

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There isn't really a cheat but you can go on the computer and go on tama town! When you are in the arcade go on this game called hoopla (the game where you have to throw a hoop on money or a gift )get the gold bag of points till you get 9900 points then log...You can get training points by timing it out when it gives a bad present.This in hand transfer the "getting up" bit to children who need to be in kindergarten etc.When kids start at school, they too have responsibilities and need to get up in time for..to the door icon, press shop and buy whatever or make an account on tamagotchi music city and buy toys and instruments and then press send to tamagotchi then enter it on the tamagotchi If u go this website....SNMPV3 is added with security and administration feature.So that only intended recepient can read the message.Sometimes your toy has to just be in a regular state before the matchmaker comes. Input the code from your tamagotchi onto your computer, put in the user name too.

Then press The A button to get the time you want and press the B button to confirm it. (This is useful for cheats like bonding more or getting space characters.)~keen1girl There is not just one password that can be used, you have your own. then it will give u all the items and then u could send...Once your Tama has a baby, it will stay with it for the first night of its life, then leave on the second.When your tama is going to school and sees the turtle teacher, press the left button.It will take you to a flower, she teaches artistic points ...

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