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- If you had Projects inside of folders, keyword collections are created for those Project folder collections.- Media linked to an Event on a different drive will be copied to that drive, outside of the Library container, and into a folder called Final Cut External Media.- Any Compound Clips or Multiclips on one drive, that are used by a Project on a different drive, will be copied to that drive, with their source content, so the new Library is self-contained on that one drive.This is done via the Open and Close commands in the File menu.Before updating from a previous version of FCP X, please read this section completely.They will be moved into the OS X Trash, but the Trash will not be emptied.A final word on upgrading to 10.1 libraries: based on my personal upgrading of three FCP X systems to 10.1, empty Projects may be completely deleted, though technically they shouldn’t.

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Those already using FCP X 10.0.9 or earlier should read our Upgrade Advisory in this article before upgrading.From the File menu, in the Open Library sub-menu, is an option to open from a Library’s backups.These create new Libraries, so your current one stays intact. Libraries can be great tools for helping to manage media in FCP X 10.1 and later.You may be familiar with Libraries from the latest i Movie update.Libraries are Bundles, a type of container on your hard drive, similar to FCP Camera Archives.

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