Updating views in sql

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You may have heard the term LAMP, and WAMP is an equivalent Web stack for Windows operating systems.

Together, Windows, Apache, My SQL, and PHP become the canvas on which amazing apps are developed.

Unlike traditional courses that concentrate mainly on theory, this course takes a practical “how-to” approach to working with data.

Take your marketing skills to new heights by mastering technical SQL data analysis.

You can log or track trigger use using any way you’re comfortable with.

One suggestion is to use the user-settable performance counter via sp_increment_counter1 then Poof!

You'll dive deep into seemingly complex topics like joins, aggregate operators, and interfacing with databases.

It’s something I learned while talking to a friend at work.

SQL allows you to better understand customer behavior so you can create targeted, data-driven marketing strategies.

Marketers are not required to have the same SQL know-how as SQL developers, which is why this course focuses on the skills you need to be an in-demand technical marketer.

You can still make sure gradually by logging whenever someone uses the old schema.

Just add some logging statement to the definition of the triggers.

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