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From a commercial perspective, the video component is more important as an obvious opportunity for a target to emphasize, cross sell, up sell, or otherwise make an "impression," as in "cost per impression" or CPI, on a consumer-browser-inquiring who otherwise might not be converted to a buyer.

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Currently, there has been a trend across many industries to add video communication as a B2C communication channel.

White papers have confirmed that sufficiently advanced Request-a-Call technology improves website conversion rates so much that Forrester Research reported 143% average ROI on implementing it, with .5 million in increased revenues over 3 years and initial payback in just 7–14 months for even the most expensive CTC systems.

CTC systems vary greatly in both price and pricing model (flat fee, cost plus, revenue share, etc.).

We do this by innovating in 2 key area’s; Technology and Service.

B2C video holds tremendous promise for both consumers and companies.

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