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She's very into her gymnastics and cheerleading. Your Tango: What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten?

She's totally a mini-me, even though she has blue eyes and blond hair.

He left the date of separation "to be determined."The 47-year-old actress more than hinted at trouble at home yesterday, tweeting, "Emotional time 4 Me and Kaya-Really tough extenuating circumstances-Adult children w/addiction can tear a marriage apart.

star David Caruso has been linked with his costar Eva La Rue.

La Rue: She hasn't been able to qualify for her gun license yet, but I think they're going to get into that. On the soap we had to memorize a lot of pages a day, so I could not go in there foggy, but Claritin cleared that all right up. La Rue: He's sort of our Arnold Schwarzenegger, like "The Terminator — ." He's got these "I'll be back" lines, and he makes it work. TVGuide.com: Oh, at the May upfronts he intro'd each night's programming!

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Just before returning to work this week on the hit CBS procedural, Eva La Rue discussed with those hot topics and more!

La Rue's soon-to-be ex actually signed the paperwork on Dec.

Thnk u 4 ur supprt." She went on to retweet a number of the supportive messages posted by her fans.

La Rue: Well, at the end [of the season], didn't it look like she went with Jake?

TVGuide.com: Yeah, but we know how soapy things can get. I might be wrong, but as "Joe Viewer," it looked to me like Calleigh's intent was one of caring for him as her partner, and Delko took it to be a little more personal — probably egged on by Natalia. We like to think the pretty blonde is more interested in us than she is.

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