Who is sarah clarke dating

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Having worked in almost four dozen TV roles and about 30 movies, she has been best known for her works in Sex and the City (2000), Women in Trouble (2009), Las Vegas (2005), Nikita (2011 – 12), The Tomorrow People (2013), Staring at the Sun (2015) and many others. Louis, Missouri, she graduated in Fine Arts from Indiana University.She has got mixed Italian ethnicity but is an American by nationality.Her personal life has been as perfect as her and her career.She was dating her boyfriend Xander Berkeley before the couple decided to get married and live happily as husband and wife.And things only went downhill from there, according to Rudd…"He seemed like he was a good-looking, athletic guy who possessed qualities I did not possess," Rudd recalled."We were playing Trivial Pursuit in teams.Sarah and I were on one team, and Jon and Preston were on the other team.

She has a wonderful net worth of 2 million dollars and this proves how successful she has been.

It turns out that Rudd once competed with the dreamy actor for Clarke's affection.

So here's how it went down…Rudd was a freshman at the University of Kansas when his roommate, Preston Clarke (You guessed it, Sarah's older brother.), invited him to stay with his family in St. During Paul's weekend stay, the actress-to-be invited over her senior prom date, a certain Jon Hamm, to introduce him around.

She played the role of a Clown in a movie called Pas de deux in the year 2000.

In the year 2002, she played the role of Sarah in a very good movie called Emmett's Mark.

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